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Hi! I'm Chris Gardner, Your Tech Coach giving you Practical Help for Your Digital Life® since 1996. My job is to translate geek-speak into clear and concise advice and give you easy-to-understand how-to's and instructions about the consumer technology products and services you own and use.

Browse my library full of the types of questions and answers we all have about our consumer technology. Or use the tools in the right sidebar to hone in on exactly your issue or question: type a word or topic to search, or pick a subject or keyword to see a list of related posts you can read. And please sign up for my weekly digest and occasional email alerts!

Better yet, ask me a question -- anything about consumer technology. I answer questions large and small, from how to use Siri on an iPhone to how to program a TV remote control and also a DVD player. I take arcane language from manuals and translate that into easy-to-follow instructions. This gives you better ways to use your consumer technology - helping you get more out of the gadgets and services you already own and use. Take a look at my latest articles below!

[twitter style="vertical" float="left"]If you need more immediate or direct support, please see my 1-on-1 Tech Support page. I don't profess to know everything about everything, but I'm great at finding and giving you exactly the right answer in the way you need to hear it. Give me a try and let Your Tech Coach help you get your technology working for you, not the other way around!

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